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    Chestek Legal works with creative communities, giving practical legal advice on branding, marketing, and protecting and sharing content.

    With many years of both law firm and in-house experience, Ms. Chestek has a pragmatic approach to your business. She understands that a successful enterprise is constantly challenged with balancing time constraints, budget, and legal risk while nurturing and growing business opportunity.

    Ms. Chestek’s work in the open source community has taught her the value of openness, participation, and collaboration.  She brings this practice to her work with her clients, whether they are in technology, design, communication, branding, the arts, or other creative businesses.

    Whether you choose to use traditional models of intellectual property ownership or follow an alternative path, Chestek Legal can help you understand and make the right choices about owning, sharing, and spreading your message and your work. We can advise you on traditional ownership and licensing models, open source models, or Creative Commons licensing.

    Chestek Legal can also help you when you need to take action against those who are not mindful of your rights. We deal with each situation with care, working to find the right approach that is consistent with your image while meeting your organization’s objectives.